Yoga is a wonderful preventative therapeutic tool that can relieve many ailments.  I guide you through this practice in order to help you find a balance between both mind and body.




Yes, Shiatsu can help you, but my main goal is to give you the tools on how to easily improve your health and well-being on your own.


Yoga, practiced in the Indian way (and not yoga-fitness in the West ...) is a great tool that can help you be better in your body, in your head ...


You may not be aware of it, but the main player in your health is YOU!


Intention is already progress ... Stop being a spectator and commit to wellness!



yoga and shiatsu

We can go more than a month without eating and several days without drinking.  But if you stop breathing for more than 5 minutes, you're dead...that says it all!


Knowledge to learning good breathing techniques can condition both your physiological and psychological balance.  Also both the mental and emotional state of the individual.  Good breathing at the start is both instinctive and automatic, however it can become deviated from its ideal as the subject goes though the stages of one's life.


Traumas large and small, are unconsciously part of the structure of breathing without the individual even knowing it and this can affect the body as a whole.


Trauma can cause damage to and disrupt the innate respiratory patterns, whereby causing tensions while at the same time weakening the person for their future endeavours.





Explorer at heart, my journey is marked by travels and encounters, especially in Asia, a culture that fascinates me.


I have always had a deep admiration for Eastern wisdom and the various disciplines that go with it.


After working in a physically and mentally demanding profession, I went in search of therapies that could provide relief.





I offer you different approaches to yoga​

Breathing (Pranayama) Class


I will teach you breathing exercises that were giving to me and I consider a gift ...


I was lucky enough to receive them from my Indian master Yogi Dinesh and I would be happy to pass this knowledge on to you


Online or face to face

Yoga lessons or private lessons


"You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga, but yoga makes you flexible!"


The Yoga that I teach is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or your physical condition. It is a great tool to unravel the body, and relax the mind.


Online or face to face

Private classes adapted to your problems

The awareness of such respiratory retention, at the physical level can cause psycho-emotional blockages, among other ailments.  With these proper breathing techniques, the subject can overcome their stress and tensions to regain free, functional and fluid breathing. 


Few Western adults today have optimal breathing.


Sometimes too much stress is the cause, but most blockages can be traced back to unresolved "injuries" in each person.  The tools taught in my breathing lessons are taken from the most effective exercises learned in the traditions of yoga, mindfulness mediation or breathing techniques used in martial arts. 


Once the various techniques have been learned, you can use them at home every day on your own.

Take notice of the importance of your breathing​

Shiatsu Therapy