My motto:

"If you don't change anything, nothing will change!"

The solution is within us ...




Explorer at heart, my journey is marked by travels and encounters, especially in Asia, a culture that fascinates me.


I have always had a deep admiration for Eastern wisdom and the various disciplines that go with it. After working in a physically and mentally demanding profession, I went in search of therapies that could provide relief.


This is how I discovered the universe of Shiatsu. I am amazed by the effects this treatment has on me, and I decide to train myself in this art which, for me, has something "magical" ...


So I studied Shiatsu for several years in recognized schools, as well as other related disciplines such as moxibustion, energy dietetics, micropuncture and Sotai.


My goal is to combine all these tools with my practice according to the needs of my patients.


Learning Shiatsu being a lifelong commitment, I continue to train in Europe, and in Asia to develop my practice and my knowledge.

Who I am​


Assuming that we are the main players in our health, my goal is to educate patients that they can use simple practices to relieve pain, and improve their health and immunity.


In this sense, I offer support through courses, weekends or stays where I teach the practice of therapeutic yoga, breathing (pranayama), conscious walking, zen stretching and cold therapy (also known under the name of cold yoga or Wim Hof ​​Method)


Mes formations


  • Praticienne Certifiée en Myo-Energétique (Shiatsu-Sôtaï-Micropuncture & Moxibustion)
  • 4 années de formation en Shiatsu « Matsunaga » - École Énergie Shiatsu agrée par la fédération française de Shiatsu Traditionnel
  • 2 années de formation en Shiatsu Myo-énérgétique avec le maître Japonais Hiroshi IWAOKA à Paris(Shiatsu, moxibustion, Sotaï & micropuncture)
  • Formation en Anatomie et Physiologie Niveau 1 & 2 - Cours Minerve Paris
  • Stage de Diététique énergétique Chinoise – École de Médecine Chinoise « Institut Ming Meng » Nancy
  • Formation en Moxibustion Japonaise – École de Médecine Chinoise Sionneau – Paris
  • Formation en Moxibustion Japonaise, Cours Avancés- Ecole Okyu - Barcelone
  • Participation à divers workshops de Moxibustion à Tokyo- Japon
  • Formation en Ostéopathie Myofasciale avec Philip Beach (Ostéopathe & Acupuncteur -New Zélande)
  • Membre de la Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Shiatsu & Pratiques asiatiques
  • Formation Méthode Wim Hof Fundamentals & Advanced ( Respirations & expositions au froid) Wim Hof Academy (NL)
  • Yoga intensive Teacher training ( Pranayama, yoga, méditation et mantra) Om Shanti Om School Rishikesh Inde
  • Je pratique le yoga et la méditation depuis plusieurs années 

Shiatsu Therapy