Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself.


This complete treatment acts on the whole person but also on the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects by helping to relax the mind.




Shiatsu is Japanese word meaning firm finger pressure. It is a energetic Japanese discipline that consists of streching and pressing on the whole body. Shiatsu can not be translated as massage or medicine. Shiatsu is better defined as a preventive technique concerned with relaxation of whole person.


In the West, medicine has always followed a highly scientific path, where symptoms are used to determine the nature of the disease and then treatment is administered.


This form of medicine does not take into account the natural ability of a living organism to cure itself. This however, is the general approach of Eastern medicine, and Shiatsu in particular. Shiatsu is a holistic therapy that aims to create harmony between all living organisms within the patient.


The effectiveness of Shiatsu, is therefore, becoming more recognised in the West.





What is Shiatsu?​

Session Content : How does a session take place ?



Treatment begins with a private consultation in which we discuss your medical history and your lifestyle. We then discuss your expectations in order to eliminate potential contraindication, before finally setting up a first energy balance. An observation and evaluation will be the final part of your check up. This will inform the procedure of future treatments. All information collected by the practitioner will remain strictly confidential.


« Each session is unique and individualised ». According to the Japanese rites and the Shiatsu spirit, there is total respect between the practitioner and the client.


A session lasts for about 1H (interview included).

During a Shiatsu session, you keep your clothes on and you’re lying on a futon which is a Japanese mattress put on the floor. A casual outfit in natural fiber is preferable (no shirt, no jeans please).







Explorer at heart, my journey is marked by travels and encounters, especially in Asia, a culture that fascinates me.


I have always had a deep admiration for Eastern wisdom and the various disciplines that go with it.


After working in a physically and mentally demanding profession, I went in search of therapies that could provide relief.





À qui s’adresse-t-il ?

Le Shiatsu s'adresse à toute personne, quel que soit son âge, désireuse de maintenir ou de développer un niveau de bien-être physique, psychique et émotionnel, sous réserve toutefois de l'existence de maladies ou malformations qui doivent rester du strict ressort du médecin.


The benefits

Recevoir un Shiatsu de façon régulière ou ponctuelle aide à :


  • Improve flexibility of muscle tissues
  • Heal muscular and joint pains
  • Fight tiredness and sleeplessness
  • Reduce the symptoms of menopause
  • Reduce headaches
  • Bring your energy back
  • Improve digestion and prevent constipation or bloating
  • Stimulate the blood and lymph system
  • Improve concentration
  • Soothe and deal with emotional stress
  • Reduce menstrual pains
  • Cope with life stresses such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement, house move, examinations etc.

I offer you different formulas :

individual, in company, in group

Nota Bene: Shiatsu does not replace, under any circumstances, medical treatment or therapeutic monitoring.​

Private class: Yoga / autoshiatsu or breathing


Re-awaken The Energy Of Well-being

Addressing of individual and specific yoga needs.

Specific course built on your needs

Flexible timing to suit your personal schedule




Package of 3 one-hour private class

(online or face-to-face appointment)

Price: € 200

Therapeutic Shiatsu Session


It begins with an interview to determine your physical disposition and state of mind.


Depending on your needs, I will personalize my sessions to meet your individual needs, to relieve your ailments and then help your system to rebalance itself. Precise pressures will be exerted along the meridians to loosen the tensions of the body & the spirit. If necessary,


I will use other complementary techniques such as moxibustion.



Duration of the session : 1h

Price : 85€/ session

Subject to less according to the number of sessions




Shiatsu in Office


Specially designed for the company, the seated Shiatsu massage is quick and effective.


It simultaneously energizes and relaxes the person.


It is an ideal tool for maximizing employee performance at low cost. In 15 minutes, the back, arms, neck and head are relaxed.

Shiatsu afternoon with friends


Want a moment of well-being with friends? 


Shiatsu afternoons offer a great opportunity to have fun during a friendly break. 


I can offer you an exceptional afternoon directly from your home.  During this time each friend can be individually massaged, while the others will meet around coffee, tea and an accompaniment of small sweets to share while in a good mood.


Price: from 40 € / pers

Shiatsu & Moxibustion session



Treatment combining Shiatsu and moxibustion. It is used to relieve or prevent muscle pain, but also certain digestive disorders.


It is frequently used to treat people who are tired or who suffer from chronic illnesses. Gentle and very relaxing, this method adapts to each one according to your needs.


Duration of the session : 1h

Price 85 € / session

(Subject to less according to the number of sessions)

Zen Attitude Shiatsu Session


Shiatsu on the whole body, mainly focused on relaxation, ending with a facial oil Shiatsu to release all tension.


A real journey towards letting go and deep relaxation.


Duration of the session : 1h30

Price : 120€/ session

Subject to less according to the number of sessions


Expérience très bénéfique et relaxante, travail ciblé pour un résultat optimal, une écoute et un professionnalisme hors pair. A recommander vivement (surtout la moxibustion…)

Richard G

Le cabinet est un endroit très chaleureux et accueillant. Recevoir un Shiatsu, c’est comme si on venait de renaître, on dispose de nouveau pleinement de ses facultés mentales, psychiques et physiques…

Diane H

Laurence respire et inspire le calme et le transmet par son être et ! à travers ses mains ! Je recommande !!

Petra B

J'ai emmené mon fils voir Laurence pour une entorse .. après une 1ère séance de moxibustion sa cheville avait désenflé de moitié ainsi que le niveau de la douleur. Et après une 2ème séance sa cheville est redevenue normale, plus de gonflement ni de douleur ! Super technique... n'hésitez pas à la tester c'est vraiment très efficace.

Valérie O

Le cabinet est un havre de paix, idéal pour prendre soin de soi. Je ne connaissais pas le Shiatsu, ce soin m'a apporté une profonde détente et m'a permis de dénouer mes tensions du corps et de l’esprit.

Dorothée L


Shiatsu Therapy