The benefits of cold have been proven. If you want to strengthen your immune system, your mental strength and learn how to better manage your pain, this experience is for you! I suggest you experience it in order to reveal your full potential.




 The idea might sound crazy, but the cold can become your best friend!


In our society, we avoid the cold because we are often conditioned from childhood in this sense. Yet this is a mistake ...


Much scientific research has proven that brief but intense cold exposures can have many benefits for our entire system.


The more you protect your body, by covering it, avoiding going out when it's cold, etc., the more you get used to your system to be passive. Consequence: we become weak, we lose resistance. A little draft and we get sick, but why ???

Whereas if you expose yourself to the cold more often and change your mindset about it, it will become your best ally ...


Want to take back control of your system ???


I suggest you accompany you in initiations to exposure to cold during weekend courses in the Vosges between October and March. 

Transform your body and mind with the cold !




Explorer at heart, my journey is marked by travels and encounters, especially in Asia, a culture that fascinates me.


I have always had a deep admiration for Eastern wisdom and the various disciplines that go with it.


After working in a physically and mentally demanding profession, I went in search of therapies that could provide relief.





The benefits of cold therapy are :


  • Train your nervous system to become more adaptable
  • Increase your energy
  • Develop your powers of concentration
  • Easily enter a meditative state
  • Strengthen your mind and better manage fears which may be a brake in your life 
  • Increase your physical and sports performance
  • Optimize your hormonal and immune functioning
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • Help to better manage your pain
  • Natural anti-inflammatory ...

I accompany you in initiations of exposure to cold during internships​

Initiation course (in group)


Do you want to get your health back in hand?

Use the force of cold as therapy!


If, like me, you want to be happy, strong and healthy, and if you want to be able to accomplish and live fully the things that really matter in your life, then this is the trip for you!


In the Vosges between October and March

Private initiation (1 to 5 participants)


Do you want to discover the method in a more personalized way, or to share an atypical experience with friends or colleagues?






Dans les Vosges entre octobre et mars




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